Contract Manufacturing

FB Laboratories™ is a dietary supplement private-label contract manufacturer with the knowledge and expertise that companies from around the globe demand of their product manufacturer. Whether it is helping clients design new product formulations utilizing the latest research and ingredients or offering state-of-the-art manufacturing for established products, FB Laboratories™ has the skills and capabilities to design, manufacture, test, and support all of the products it manufactures.

Our manufacturing specialties include certified organic tablets, along with vegetarian and nonvegetarian tablets and two-piece hard-shell gelatin capsules. With the ability to offer a variety of tableting and encapsulation options, FB Laboratories™ meets both customer and market requirements.

Our proven ability to combine advanced nutritional science and innovative manufacturing with a wide range of packaging options will provide your products with unique appeal, differentiation, and greater value.

FB Laboratories™ offers bulk manufacturing, as well as complete packaged finished products.

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